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Monesteroli - 1200 steps to heaven

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The stairway to heaven exists and is located in Monesteroli
The panoramic path that will make you fall in love with the Cinque Terre definitively

There is an ancient mule track that we absolutely invite you to go through in the Cinque Terre and leads to Monesteroli, a small agglomeration of houses overlooking the cliff nestled between Riomaggiore and Portovenere.

Monesteroli is a place out of time, an old agglomeration of houses where time seems to stand still, characterized by a steep staircase that is worth going at least once: 1200 steps leading to paradise, a paradise made of houses surrounded by blue of the sea on one side and the green of the Mediterranean scrub on the other.

In this article we explain how to walk the path to Monesteroli.

Following the path 536 for Monesteroli means crossing one of the oldest mule tracks of the Cinque Terre built to reach the terraced vineyards on the cliffs.

The path is a branch of path 504 which from Pegazzano reaches San Antonio to cross the Alta Via. It is precisely from the church of San Antonio in Tramonti that the road that descends towards the Tramonti side begins and reaches the square where the Menhir of Tremonti is located.

Continuing the descent, you cross the path n. 535 which arrives from Campiglia and which reaches the Scalinata Grande: an immense engineering work consisting of 1200 steps that will lead you to the delightful village of Monesteroli with its small cellars and vineyards overlooking the sea. The view in this section is wonderful.

The route lasts about 40 minutes each way and has a vertical drop of 408 meters.

An alternative path to reach Monesteroli starts from Campiglia and takes about 3 hours (round trip). You need to take path 535 which arrives at Fossola: from here you go down to the woods passing through the Nozzano fountain and then follow the signs for Monasteroli; a little further on you will find yourself in front of the incredible staircase.

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