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Hiking Camogli - San Fruttoso

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The trail begins on Via S. Bartolomeo (20mt. above sea level), the small street at the end of the parking lot where the police station,along the first part, the Gentile torrent.

The trail continues with a climb, consisting mainly of stairs (about 900), which, passing through olive groves and tall walls that hidebeautiful villas, emerges in the churchyard of the Church of San Rocco (220mt. above sea level).

Let San Rocco to take a path that is certainly among the most evocative of all the cape, but in some places is quite challenging. It is therefore advisable to wear shoes suitable for uneven paths and carry a good supply of water (on the way, very sunny in summer, there are no fountains or taps).

The journey begins with the road, starting from the churchyard of the church of San Rocco continues along the coast. After a few minutes, past the stairsleading down to Punta Chiappa, through the village of La Mortola, a very typical small group of houses.

Moving away from the town the path goes into the woods and arrives, after approximately 20 'in locality Fornelli, from which, on the left, you can go to places Pietre strette.

Continuing straight after a stretch of sloping steps follow some ups and downsof rock irregular but easy to follow that, out of the woods, overlooking PuntaChiappa, Camogli.

After about 40 'from the start you get to locality Batterie (246mt. above sea level), a magnificent lookout over the bay, where you can see the remains of bunkers dating back to World War II.

Once you get to Pass of the kiss , the path becomes a little more challenging for some points where you have to jump on the rock overlooking the sea. The use of chains(sometimes redundant) facilitates the transition, especially in a short stretch where the rock has few points of support for the foot.

Small difficulties are rewarded by a breathtaking view of Cala dell'Oro, and Punta Torretta and the intensity of the blue sea below us.

The path forward, a little narrow and bumpy, with some ups and downs of rock steps, until the crossing of a stream in dry (the presence of some chainsindicate the presence of water in some periods the of the year).

Here, paying attention to the signs (the path is not clearly delineated), continueon the path that begins to rise. The climb, very steep and tiring, the first sectionbegins with a very sunny and for advancing through the woods and reach, in about 40 ', the peak near Punta Torretta.

The last part of the course, all downhill, develops in the middle of trees and ends after 25 ', the pier, opposite the spectacular Abbey of San Fruttuoso (5mt. above sea level).

After a well deserved rest, a visit to the village and, perhaps, in the summer, a refreshing swim in the crystal waters of San Fruttuoso Capodimonte, star agan and move to Pietre strette.

The trail starts behind the Abbey and follows the direction of Torre Andrea Doria, which is reached by a steep, but short staircase.

From here a small path up, very steep from the start, advancing in a shady valley and along a stream. The bends in the middle then go on to the bandsand olive trees in a stretch sunniest, passing in front of a farm in locality called Molini.

Beyond Casella locations where there is a tap for drinking water, the trailenters the woods again and in about 20 'comes to the massive boulders,stones that mark places Pietre strette heart of Mount of Portofino as well as equipped with a stopping point tables, benches and drinking water.

Taking the direction of Portofino Vetta after about 15 'walk-friendly, in placesGaixella meets the deviation, left for San Rocco di Camogli.

The trail now descends and, after a first stroke in the bush, cross sections andcultured stone walls There are a few isolated house and arrive at the smallvillage of Galletti.

A final section of the staircase, framed by breathtaking scenery, drops behind the Church of San Rocco di Camogli.

Along the way the first leg, in 20 'it back to Camogli.

Alternatively you can use the bus for Ruta, making sure first that there is aconnection to Camogli.

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